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Covering letter and review of US political events during 1939, September 3 1940

Covering letter and review of US political events during 1939. Congress passed little legislation and was concerned that the President exploit the international conflict for domestic political purposes, including a third term in office. The inability of the President to pass legislation relating to arms sales to belligerents and having to shelve labour-related legislation indicated his loss of Congress. Presidential appointments to New Deal positions were secured and futrure legislation on expanding military spending likely to pass. The war in Europe was discussed as well as the minimal impact the President could play in halting it. It also discusses the British decaration of war and its seriousness to thwarting Gernam ambitions along with the trip of the King and Queen to the US, details of US engagement with Latin America and the reticence to abandon China to teh Japanese in the Far East.
Item Type: Despatch
Date: 3 September 1940
Title of document: Covering letter and review of US political events during 1939
Authors or Creators: Kerr, Philip Henry (UK Embassy Official to the US) and Bramwell, C. l. (UK Ambassador to US)
Recipients: Wood Edward Fre, Edward Frederick Lindley (UK Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs)
Places: The Americas > North America > United of States of America
Europe > Northern Europe > United Kingdom
Europe > Western Europe > Germany
Asia > Eastern Asia > Japan
Asia > Eastern Asia > China
The Americas > North America > Mexico
The Americas > Caribbean > Haiti
The Americas > Central America
The Americas > South America
Reference: FO 115/ 3422 - Annual Reports
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