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Dragon City Review – see if this dragon game is worth your time

A lot of people know and adore simulating games that focus on farming, animal breeding, and so on. They offer us an interesting gameplay with elements of economy and, of course, the chance to try out yourself as an owner of a farm or simply a breeder. This time; however, we can see the combination of Dragon-themed production that offers us fantasy elements with classic mechanics everyone knows from other WWW games. 
But how does the production fit into the modern world of gaming? Does the introduction of the most popular creatures from fantasy genre made this casual simulation more entertaining? Here is a quick review and assessment of Dragon City hack!

Dragon City Gameplay

Basics information regarding the game

Dragon City cheats is a browser type of title that combines classic sim-type of gameplay with virtual creatures out of fantastic land. At the very beginning we receive one egg out of which our first dragon hatches. In order for him to grow big and strong, we need to take care of every single element. We can do that by putting him on one of four flying islands. Each of them offers different weather conditions. These conditions are dependent on the key element of the island. Of course besides that, we can also construct new buildings that offer a wide range of different benefits.
With time, we will collect enough money to purchase more eggs. The moment our dragons enter adolescence, we will be able to cross-breed them. Thanks to that we will acquire more powerful species that combine the advantages of, for example, elements of water and fire. Each dragon has got several combat abilities, which we use on a special stadium. We collect gold and certain bonuses for victories. Of course fighting on PVP arenas is not the only thing we can do in this game. As it befits social-simulation production, we can visit our friends. 

Dragon City Food

How does the gameplay really look like?

At the beginning, the development of our account and “Dragon City hack tool” in general is quick and easy. The authors made sure that the entire interface is very clear, transparent, and easy to get. Of course in order to have a grasp on the basics mechanics, it is imperative to follow the tutorial until the end. Once we do that, we will be able to begin breeding our own wonderful dragons with no problems at all.
Noteworthy is the fact that the longer we play and the more dragons we get, the harder Dragon City cheats becomes. It is quite understandable and thanks to the appropriate level difficulty progression, we can notice that becoming the ultimate dragon breeder with most powerful dragons is not an easy task. However, later phases of the production are so difficult, it is almost impossible to progress further without spending real money. This is the moment when a free to play game changes into a pay to win. Of course it is still possible to play freely, without any fees. Nevertheless, if we are interested in catching up the best guys, prepare your wallet.

Dragon City Gems


Clear your land –

Gain experience faster, get more gems with dragon city free gems, and prepare land for further constructions!


Experiment with your dragons

The more you experiment, the better chances you have for hatching a very powerful creature. Even if you combine two the same elements, you may receive different hybrid dragons. Furthermore, hybrid dragons that you crossbreed can generate brand new and unusual species with tremendous strength.


Learn about combat

Every element has got its strengths and weaknesses. The same thing concerns attacks. That is why study each and every ability, learn more about elements and then use dragons that are much stronger on specific species in order to better your chances for winning.


Collet premium currency

You can collect gems, a premium currency in Dragon City, without spending a dime. Simply claim a daily bonus reward, get Monday Special rewards, complete surveys or take part in promotions, invite others to cheats Dragon City, participate in Dragon League Tournaments!
Use gems wisely – no need for you to speed up constructions or hatch eggs quicker. This is something you can get with time. Better idea is to unlock special items, which are much more important! 

What about visuals?

The visuals in this game are quite ordinary and does not stun the users. Of course everyone who plays this production does not do that for outstanding special effects. Still, the producers of the game made sure that even though it is a WWW type of game, it still gives us decent graphics and animations that won’t disappoint.
Overall, the game offers fairy-like animations. Because of that, the youngsters will certainly love the title and they will enjoy the audio-visual setting that guys from Social Point studio prepared for them.

Dragon City Background

What are the good things about the game?

Appropriately written tutorial, for sure. Besides that, we should also put our emphasis on that nice level difficulty progression. We certainly feel like next step in the game is harder than the one before. We can’t forget about the great combination of simulation elements of dragon breeding with casual PvP fights. The possibility to crossbreed with cheats Dragon City and use their powerful unique abilities make the game more entertaining than any other breeding simulator you can find there.

What are downsizes of Dragon City?

Surely it’s the level of micro-transactions. It is possible to purchase nearly everything with real money. As a result, no matter how much time you spend on Dragon City hack tool, there will still be a person that is better than you because he or she spends real money on virtual upgrades. This is by far the most crucial downsize that impacts the overall rating of the game. Yet, the production still is very absorbing and certainly interesting enough to at least try it out.

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